Kayan design house architectural design team works on a range of commercial and residential projects, from consultation to turn-key architecture projects. Our designs incorporate functionalism, constructability, and beauty and are a reflection of the functional and stylistic needs of the user and client.

Kayan design house interior design projects range from private homes and summer villas, to restaurants and commercial spaces. We pride ourselves on building a strong relationship with our clients and creating beautiful, modern environments which are custom designed to meet each client’s needs.

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While Kayan furniture design was expanding, we established our own furniture and fabrics workshops to offer our clients with unique personalized products, fit for the creativity shining from our designs, featured with top quality and the best competitive prices in the market.

Kayan furniture design all our furniture to reflect the brilliance and creativity apparent in all our designs. When we first established our wood workshop in 2010, we aimed to fulfill the needs of the Egyptian market to have a local product with international world-class quality.

Our furniture is featured with its innovative designs, the usage of the finest types of wood and various raw materials, and the highest levels of durability. Today, our furniture became the best ambassador that spreads the word about all our distinctive comprehensive services. We also give special attention to the production of eco-friendly products and the reduction of carbon footprint.


Kayan construction progressing in the target of establishing, a full range of engineering consultancy services; in the field of construction and interior design.

Kayan constructions Exceed our customers’ expectations and through providing them with the services they desire & put the client’s requirements in priority through:
1 – Time commitment.
2 – Taking into account the financial value of the proposed and the quality.
3 – Provide the client with every modern and new design.
4 – to achieve the goal of the design at the lowest cost with the latest engineering solutions that take into account the interests of the project, financial and aesthetic, which offers modern methods in our work.